Thursday, August 18, 2005


Descending down to heaven,
right off bus number 183,
fresh spring water...

So, right now I'm living in heaven. No really, it's called heaven, and for good reason. The only metaphorical equivolent I can muster up is The Garden of Eden. There are fresh organics everywhere you look, herbs, grains, berries, fruits, veggies... A mikvah, which is a spring fed spiritual bathing pool, a harp factory where they make biblical harps from scratch, a wood shop... The next door neighbor manufactures bio-diesel fuel (vegetable oil solution for diesel engines). We spent the last couple days making bricks out of horse poop, goat poop, brown dirt, white clay, and straw, in an attempt to jumpstart a dream of a 24 year old Israeli girl named Zohar, who is building her entire house of these bricks.
I'll post pictures soon, with more words from heaven.


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