Friday, September 02, 2005

Ramblings from bus statio...

How to even begin the last few weeks. Jer and I have been living in Heaven. As if that doesn't explain itself...fig trees, permaculture, grape vines everywhere, 7 day grape fasts, Shoshana the angel- mother- herbal healer, Micha-prophecy expert- "The End of' Days", rats eating my head, catching the rat, mites in my sleeping bag, the best cherry tomatos in the world, japanese eggplants, lemons, sage, lavender, basil, life overlooking the Judean Hills which views Jerusalem from the eye of a bird, Kochav- "Are you writing this down"- the man that never sleeps/eats/high speed internet in the hills on a farm- Kochav's Holy Land Bitters mixture of herbs-the herbal guru- obsession of Bono and u2- 'combino'- connections- it's all about who you know and keep good relations (networking)-underground- resistence-outlaws, jackals, sauna, sweats, mikvah, upper heaven, lower heaven, woodshop, Harrari Harps, making wood pipes, making tahina, choumous (hummus), Bio-diesel, glass- invented and/or discovered in Israel? Yonaton the dreadlock with his 9 kilo sack, choppin' zippers, breaking toothvrushes- always downsizing his load (in many more ways then one). Yakov- the philosopher from Santa Barbara- but what is the Yin-Yang really man? and what is outside of the borders? white? black? eternity? Say bro, do you want to buy horses and ride through china with me? By the way, I speak fluent Chinese, and am up to date on global relations., Blogs- what the fuck is a blog?, Josef-the winemaker- the finest grapes for the merlot- Rasta dreadlock resistance jew in the hills in a shack- "you guys want meat? I have ground beef. No, but a cigarrette and a doobie would be nice"- (If I wasn't Jamaican why would I be wearing this hat?), Picking 150 Kilos of Carebs, Ohhhh- carebs off the grill, terraces-permaculture, Shoshie's cure for all-green clay- golden seal-lemon juice, Yonaton, Yakov, Pesach (jer's hebrew name), Bracha and Tevia (my heb. name) falling asleep at the Shabbos table-too much home grown, home cooked food-Shoshana cooks all of this food and still only eats grapes for 7 days-making bricks for Zohar's house out of goat shit, horse shit, white sand, brown sand, and straw-part of the underground movement- beautiful girl, Hitching to Jerusalem, Ramaat Raziel, Heaven, Be here now, hurricane wipes out New Orleans, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank is evacuated and voluntarily given to the Palestineans- has there ever been a time where thousands of people were ripped from their homes and not one gun was pulled? They threw paint, sprayed fire hoses...but in the end they ARE brothers and sisters and they need to stick together- can that really happen? here? there? shit, anywhere? If I am he, and he is she, then we are all one. One being, all parts of the same- When you look at me you are seeing you, it's a mirror-parts of yourself- what, you don't like?-Reflect, It's time, The present is the only time, in the present you decide who you are. The past, the future- they are only concepts. Now is the only act, to be still, to think, to choose, to change..., what is static?, or better yet, what isn't static? change?, We create each other-extremes create opposites-every position has it's opposition- understand that they are co-dependent- Balance- connection- caring- understanding...



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