Wednesday, September 14, 2005

scattered like lost words...

Anger, fill my page with lack of words for concepts.
Poetry inept. For doesn't design inherently prove a designer? Distraction is so easily given to common sense,
leaving those without question content.
and what is so common about sense?
nothing, but false pretense.
Rhythm, Rhyme have no place in this context.
It's depth is infinitely lost.
If the designer did not design then purpose is purposeless.
and there we are left with no blueprint for existence.
We are flawed and perpetuating infinite despair.
But disparity corrects into reason in the human rationale,
therefore cruelly perverting our natural state of unhappiness into conceivable meaning.
but if this cruelty is just prostituted compassion, we come full circle, once again to the purpose of design.
If a factory of bricks blew up, would they fall into shape of a beautiful castle?


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