Friday, October 28, 2005

Africa Unite...

Africa Unite
Cause the children wanna come home,
Cause we're movin' right out of Babylon, yea,
And we're going to our Father's land, yea
Ethiopian Airlines-stopover in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia. This place is like none other I have ever seen. African tribes of all sorts inhabited the airport. They dress in garb that I've only seen in documentaries and such. Monks dress in traditional all white robes that cover most of their dark bodies and sit in cirles on the floor, while other Ethiopians wear vibrant colored gowns and speak in one of their 11 languages . Mostly everyone is friendly and welcoming, quite cheerful in fact.
South Africa- 30% of all adults are HIV positive, Stop signs hardly mean slow down, and don't walk anywhere in downtown Johannesburg or expect to be mugged (at best). Yonaton and I did a 4 day Safari in Kruger National Park...Saw 4 out of the Big 5 animals: Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant- but didn't see the Leapord.
Swaziland-42% of adults have AIDS. We took a Combi taxi 5 hrs packed like sardines, with local villagers toward The Kingdom of Swaziland. I find these are the best ways to bypass most touristy places. Swaziland immediately defined itself differently than South Africa. Rather than dangerous, touristy, expensive, and dull landscape, it has been the polar opposite.
We hiked the 2nd largest rock in the world, called Sibebe Rock. Location: Pine Valley, Mbabane, Swaziland. On our way up, we crossed a cow pasture with a bull staring us down. Unfortunately, there were no paths, just our compass and sense of direction (which I don't possess). We crept slowly across the windy, rainy, mountain pasture until we were out of the bulls vision. There are no words or pictures in which to describe the view from the top of the rock as the fog brought the storm in. Since then, we've been hanging out with the Peace Corps., who are working in villages teaching AIDS awareness.
Instead of traveling S. Africa, today we head for Mozambique and might continue North in persuit of real
African adventure.
much love to all


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