Friday, November 25, 2005

Sibebe Rock

Yonaton and I climbed Sibebe Rock in
Swaziland, which is the 2nd largest rock in the world. We met this local about halfway up the hike. I was already breathing hard, and the rain was starting to come down in a thick mist, so the rocks were slippery. He was just steadily climbing like he did this everyday. Later I found out that he practically does. His home is on one of the opposing peaks pictured here, so every time he goes to town he walks a couple of hours over hills with very little paths. If we didn't run into this guy, I'm not sure if we would've made it off the rock for a couple of days.


At 1:54 AM, Blogger Patrick said...

Hey Russ

Would you like to check out the forum at It's all about travel in Africa, and there's a person there who'd like to know about climbing Sibebe rock... and you seem stoked about Africa.

The post is at

Perhaps you'd enjoy chatting about your experiences; I'd certainly be interested to hear about 'em...

Maybe see you there...


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